Pixel Forensics was founded in 2007 by three people who strongly believed they could combine their technical, business and management accomplishments to create a special company, one that:

  • Develops scalable tools and platforms for working with massive amounts of visual media, unleashing the incredible - and often hidden - value it contains
  • Provides operational solutions for both government and commercial enterprises, as well as consumers
  • Addresses powerful applications of visual "big data" including security, forensic, discovery, social media and retail/marketing applications

And does all of this while providing a fun, stimulating and flexible work environment.

Why focus on visual media?

  • 80% of internet traffic will be video this year
  • There are more than 2 billion video views per day
  • Every minute of the day, tens of hours of video is uploaded to the internet worldwide
  • YouTube has become the 2nd largest social networking site behind Facebook
  • Streaming video from sources like Netflix, Periscope and Meerkat is set to surpass the content produced by all major networks

Our team collectively brings decades of software development experience in multimedia, ranging from research in academia to pilots and proof-of-concept prototypes to commercial products. Our pedigree includes such companies as Virage, Autonomy, BBN, NetPower and the DIAL Lab at Scripps Oceanographic Institute. Many of our employees hold advanced degrees in computer science, electrical engineering, artificial intelligence and data analytics.

We're always looking for talented individuals with cutting edge insights, creativity and a passion for working with visual media. Check out our career opportunities and competitive benefits within.